About Us

Socio Active is a non-profit organization dedicated to socio-economic change in India by focusing on basic education in the belief that education is a critical requisite for socio-economic change. In keeping with this focus, our team members and volunteers are involved with and support projects that have an education-related component to them.

Our Core Values

1. Spirit of Volunteerism

All team members and volunteers of Socio Active group participate through the spirit of volunteerism. It means that not a single person is paid a salary, stipend or any form of financial reimbursement.

2. Very Low Organizational Overheads

Since there are no paid staff and no office rent, we are able to keep a very low overhead for administrative expense.

3. Non-Hierarchical

No volunteer or Members has to deal with bureaucracy to participate. While leadership is very important to execute the projects, we strongly discourage a personality driven environment.

4. Non-Discriminatory

Socio Active does not discriminate in its membership or in its selection of philanthropic project activity, on the basis of gender, race, color, religion, age, disability, sexual orientation, lifestyle, and groups protected by applicable state or federal discrimination laws.

5. Collective Decision Making

Relevant decisions are made collectively through meetings and group discussions with members and volunteers and are expected to adhere to the core values listed here.

6. Collective Responsibility

Collective responsibility is widely applied in any organizations or corporations, where the entire workforce is held responsible for failure to achieve the targets, irrespective of the performance of individuals or teams which may have achieved or overachieved within their area.

7. Financial Responsibility

It is extremely important to submit financials in a complete and timely manner and adhere to the law to maintain non-profit or charitable status.

8. Mutual Respect

Whenever there is any disagreement or conflict, everyone should respond in a respectful manner, focusing on the issue rather than the individual. Communicating in a respectful manner builds a constructive environment to resolve the conflicts.

9. No Personal Benefit

Supporting or funding a community initiative, project or person should not be dependent on any personal benefit. At the same time, we recognize that many good proposals are often referred by volunteers. In such situations, we request that the volunteer who is in any way related to the project, community initiative or person, bring that up for discussion.

10. Non Political and Non-Religious

We fund only non-sectarian and secular community initiatives, projects or people. This means that we will not fund initiatives or projects that are solely for the benefit of one religious community barring others. We will also not fund initiatives or projects or people who encourage a sectarian thinking. We fund only non-political community initiatives, projects or people. This means that we will not support a particular political party or ideology. We may reserve the right to participate or fund any initiative, project or people involved in advocacy relevant to our organizational mission and objectives. However, this participation or funding will not be towards a political party or candidate.

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